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Structural Health Monitoring
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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Analysis Consultancy
With some complex structures, due to size or shape, it is more difficult to determine which instruments are needed or where they should be installed for efficacy. However, expert structural analysis is available.

GeoSIG — through a strategic alliance with Dr. Farzad Naeim, an internationally renowned expert in structural health monitoring — can offer consultancy and turnkey solutions for structural health monitoring of all types of structures including high-rise buildings, public buildings, bridges, tunnels and other special structures.

Using the expertise of the highly respected Dr. Farzad Naeim, who boasts over 35 years' experience and publications ranging from textbooks to journal papers, you can have peace of mind that your structure is safely surveyed and the most reliable solution is specified.

GeoSIG, with more than 30 years' expertise in structural monitoring solutions, can fulfil the requirements of the most challenging structure. Click here to visit his Website, or look over the solutions leaflet to see what we can offer.

Our Solutions for Structural Health Monitoring and Response (S2HM in a Box)

  • GMS Series Recorders for distributed and hybrid systems

  • CR Series Modular Multichannel Recording System for central and hybrid systems
  • A wide variety of high quality sensors to measure acceleration, velocity, displacement, strain, tilt and environmental phenomena.
  • Software solutions with highly customisable options

What is Structural Health Monitoring and Response?
Structural Health Monitoring and Response is an innovative method of monitoring structural status and performance without otherwise affecting the structure itself. Structural Health Monitoring and Response utilises several types of sensors embedded in, or attached to a structure to detect exceedance of allowed performance criteria as well as identify and verify structural behaviour. 

Why Structural Health Monitoring and Response?

  • The strength and serviceability of a structure can be considerably reduced by natural or human-made events, and increased levels of use
  • Utilising Structural Health Monitoring and Response systems, timely notifications about any potential problems can be generated and behaviour of the structure can be monitored.
  • The emerging use of Structural Health Monitoring and Response, especially in the last decade, is a result of the increasing need for the monitoring of innovative designs and materials as well as a better management of existing structures. 

What are the advantages of Structural Health Monitoring and Response?

  • GeoSIG Structural Health Monitoring and Response systems not only help reducing risks and costs, but also help avoiding disaster by its notifications which allows to initiate early damage detection and therefore helps saving lives as well as assets. 
  • In case of any evacuation of the structure due to a transient event (such as an earthquake), the system allows to rapidly evaluate the structural response thus provides a highly useful measure for decision making whether to allow the occupants back in or to initiate a more comprehensive inspection before doing so.
  • The ideal GeoSIG Structural Health Monitoring and Response system provides you with on-demand information about your structure's measured features, as well as warnings concerning any exceedance detected. Therefore Structural Health Monitoring and Response also significantly reduces repair costs through early damage detection, making the monitored structure safer and increasing the cost efficiency of its maintenance. 
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Response can significantly reduce insurance premiums for those operating—or in charge of—the safety of infrastructure such as bridges, railways or tunnels.
  • increased understanding of in-situ structural behaviour and decreased down-time for inspection and repair.

Further reading
We have more information on this topic in the form of a scientific paper entitled, "Black Box Concept Can Help Promote Widespread Use of S2HM," which can be found here and in our Downloads section.

We also have two informational videos, also available on our YouTube channel


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