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Palazzo Medici in Florence
Structural Monitoring at Palazzo Medici
GMSplus is seated in grand surroundings
Renaissance splendor needs to be monitored
Seismic Station at Balsa del Cadimo - Spain
Balsa del Cadimo - Spain
Water reservoir and turbine
Seismic monitoring system for Martil Dam - Morocco
Seismic station for Dar Khroufa Dam - Morocco
GeoSwitch for ElSI project
Off-shore Oil & Gas Platform
Sensor - structural monitoring
Smaller sensor - structural monitoring
backup power for master instrument - structural monitoring
GSR-18IAB master - structural monitoring
GeoMediciones - GMSplus in cabinet
Los Bronces - solar power
Los Bronces accelerometers
Tilt-Tech instrumentation
Installing stations at Xiangjiaba Dam, China
Seismic stations at Xiangjiaba Dam - China
Seismic stations for Morocco High-Speed Rail
Morocco High-Speed Rail instrumentation
Morocco High-Speed Rail - concrete vaults
Honam High-Speed Rail control centre
Seismic station for TGV high-speed rail - France
CR-6plus_Centre Block - Canada
AC-73_Centre Block - Canada
Natural Caverns - Brazil
Natural Caverns_Satellite_SolarPanels
Natural Caverns - Brazil_control_cabinet
Natural Caverns_Brazil - GMSplus6
Pergau Dam SMA House 3
SMA at Bersia Dam
Kenyir Saddle Dam A_SMA and solar
Temengor Dam - SMA house 2
Puah Dam - SMA house 1
Tembat Dam - SMA house
Jor Main and Saddle Dam_SMA
Enciso Dam - La Rioja, Spain
Accelerometer installation - Enciso Dam
Accelerometer 2 - Enciso Dam, Spain
Kenyir Dam - installation
Accelerometer installation - Cordillera de Los Andes

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