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fora - CR series

fora - CR series

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Availability: 1 month

  • Unlimited number of channels by combining 36 channel modules
  • Dynamic range - 137 dB, 150 dB*
  • Individual D-S ADC per channel - 24-bit, 32-bit*
  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 2000 sps, 5000 sps*
  • True simultaneous sampling with shared clock for up to 36 channels
  • Internal Fast SSD hard drive up to 1TB with SATA interface and high storage capacity. Mirroring function on SD card* or USB drive*
  • Built-in display for easy inspection of status and parameters
  • Support for interconnection of multiple devices
  • Support for DVI output for direct graphical visualization of data and configuration*
  • USB interface for external, removable storage media and communication devices
  • Continuous and trigger-based recording
  • Simultaneous data streaming to several clients
  • Wired Ethernet; enhanced connectivity via external landline modems*, 3G cellular devices*, satellite links* and serial links*
  • TCXO time base with GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU) or NTP synchronisation
  • Configuration and status monitoring via Web Interface compatible with Smartphones/Tablets
  • Simple and secure communication over internet or intranet with full remote management
  • 3 option slots for adding peripherals
  • Alarm output* with up to 8 independent relays flexibly configurable for different types of events (through 2x4 alarm option boards)
  • Power redundancy through dedicated battery input (internal battery charger included)
  • Extremely compact and modular with higher channel density than ever

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