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RECONASS Project - Newsletter - Issue I


RECONASS PROJECT - Newsletter - Issue I


GeoSIG, as a long established designer and manufacturer of a diverse range of high quality, precision instruments for vibration and earthquake monitoring, has joined a European wide consortium of partners in the RECONASS project (Reconstruction and REcovery Planning: Rapid and Continuously Updated COnstruction Damage, and Related Needs ASSessment). As part of our core philosophy to collaborate with expert organisations and user groups to enhance the design and functionality of our products in line with market requirements; GeoSIG is proud to be one of the key players in the RECONASS project. Our participation in this high profile project will be a step forward to benefit from and contribute to the knowledge and skills of other equally high profile partners in this project and look forward to creating a unique and innovative solution for structural and damage monitoring as well as recovery planning of buildings beyond what is commercially available.

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