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RECONASS Project - News - Field Demonstration


Field Demonstration in Älvdalen, Sweden
The RECONASS project involves (a) the development of a monitoring system for critical buildings that will provide a near real time reliable and continuously updated assessment of the structural condition of the monitored building after a disaster, (b) in case of spatially extended events, e.g., a strong earthquake, use the above assessment of the monitored facilities for the speedy calibration of satellite and oblique aerial photography of the damaged area and (c) provision of a post-crisis needs assessment tool in regards to construction damage and related needs that will be based on input from (a) and (b) above.

In order to validate all the developments by the project, a large demonstrator is foreseen to take place in Älvdalen, Sweden in which a 3 storey building of reinforced concrete has been fully instrumented by the RECONASS system and relevant prototypes. The test building will be subjected to massive blasts from its exterior and its interior to prove the RECONASS system’s usefulness in realistic conditions. The RECONASS set up includes monitoring of the building using positioning tags, accelerometers, strain, temperature sensors and UAV imagery & the required communication means to transfer the in-building data towards the RECONASS disaster management platform (i.e. the PCCDN tool) where the assessment of the building will take place.

Below you can see some videos from the demonstration:



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