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Product Announcement - Digital Sensor System


News Full Image GeoSIG as a long standing manufacturer of seismic instruments allocate a significant amount of resources to develop new products and aim to provide innovative solutions for our Partners and customers worldwide.

In response to market demands GeoSIG has introduced a high performance Digital Sensor System with unique features while being highly versatile. To fully appreciate the potential of this highly featured product and its full capabilities a detailed technical leaflet has been drawn up to provide sufficient information to realise its full effectiveness for use in many applications.

While this being a new product, however it enjoys the benefits of our highly reliable existing products which make the building blocks of this new solution. The product is positioned to address the requirements of many diverse applications in a cost effective manner while providing further cost saving in a given installation against a conventional system of this type. The use of a standard Ethernet cable will provide savings and make an installation hassle free. Having a single power source will further make the system attractive in many practical applications.

Click here for the Digital Sensor System Leaflet

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