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Outstanding and Uniqueª: GMS


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Approval and Compatibility:

-  USGS tested and approved scientific and technical quality, used in NetQuakes system.

-  Possibility to integrate into the USGS (after agreement with USGS) NetQuakes program.

-  Swiss Precision and Quality.

Mechanical and Operational:

-  Small, robust cast aluminium housing.

-  Several internal sensor options.

-  Robust separate baseplate for easy installation and removal.

-  Lockable housing lid against unauthorized access or theft.

-  Tamperproof electronic compartment with dedicated cover.

-  Separate battery compartment to enable easy/fool proof access for non-technical people.

-  External visual LED indicators showing the status of operation as well as errors and warnings.

-  Intelligent battery management preventing damage to battery.

-  Intelligent “Real Time Clock” (RTC) with self-learning temperature compensation.

Triggering and Recording:

-  Independent sampling rates on each channel.

-  Continuous recording with ringbuffer.

-  Ability to create an event from any time within the ringbuffer data.

-  Several independent triggers sets from independent sources can be configured.

-  Fully configurable voting logic for the independent triggers.

-  Fully configurable trigger filters for each trigger independently.

-  Virtual channels with online processing: Vector sum, Filter, Decimate, Integrate, Peak/Average detection.

-  The recorded channels can be different from the monitored channels depending on the trigger algorithm.

-  Possibility to have common triggering over LAN.

-  Up to 32 GByte of storage on removable Compact Flash Card is supported.

Firmware, Software, Interface and Security:

-  User defined policy for data storage management.

-  Advanced admin and data server software.

-  Possibility to have more than one output stream.

-  Internal signal simulator.

-  Periodical state of health.

-  Communication to all deployed instruments without fixed IP's.

-  Auto detection of all the instruments in the LAN by the server software.

-  Can send short notice with peak ground motion parameters just after a trigger.

-  Recovery server configurable by user in case main configuration is lost.

-  Post processing algorithms available for realtime calculations.

-  Easy interface to user developed software as all operational commands are based on ASCII files.

-  Complete network security, no access from the outside as all communications are initiated by the unit.

Highly customisable options:

-  18 or 24 Bit, up to 6 channels.

-  Internal alarm relays module.

-  Internal analog modem module.

-  GPRS modem for data communication or SMS alarm on an event.

-  Interconnection over cable (time and trigger synchronisation).

-  Wireless time synchronisation with dedicated wireless channel 433 MHz.

-  Completely cable-free operation§ (no cables for power, communication, time / trigger synchronisation, etc).

-  GPS antenna for high precision time synchronisation.

ª Unique features are underlined.

§ Autonomy depends on the internal battery, which lasts typically 1 day or more excluding intensive wireless usage. This mode of operation is recommended for short time or daily monitoring tasks like building ambient vibration testing. Wireless performance depends on site conditions.

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