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Let the good times roll with the launch of arolla!


News Full Image GeoSIG has much to celebrate. At the centennial celebration for the American Geophysical Union (AGU), which was also the largest international Earth and space science meeting in the world, GeoSIG introduced its new seismometer, arolla — a broadband seismometer with an output sensitivity of 1200 V/m/sec and a flat response from 120 seconds to 50Hz.

GeoSIG is already well known for its sensors and seismic recorders, which are used in projects around the globe. But traditionally, GeoSIG’s focus has always been on strong-motion instruments. With the introduction of arolla, the scope of GeoSIG’s instrumentation offered widened.

“Designed and handmade in Switzerland, arolla broadband seismometer is the culmination of years of experience designing high-precision, low-noise, and reliable seismic equipment,” says Johannes Grob, joint managing director of GeoSIG Ltd.

Key features include precision calibration of sensor response, automatic leveling and mass centering (with remote mass centering available); no mass locking needed; electromagnetic shielding; its compact, lightweight, robust and corrosion-resistant housing—and the previously mentioned flat response and output sensitivity. Additionally, arolla will also be available in a posthole version.

“From the beginning, the design goals for the arolla seismometer were to make the most accurate, most reliable, easy to use, and consistent quality sensor on the market,” says Serge Rudaz, joint managing director of GeoSIG Ltd.

“Its triaxial design, wide temperature range, low temperature sensitivity, magnetic shielding, precision factory calibration of the sensor response, and robustness help to achieve these goals and beyond,” says Ireck Briones, GeoSIG’s director of sensor development.

Coupled with nair (rhymes with fire)—GeoSIG’s most advanced seismic recorder that also boasts an impressive 147dB (0.02-20Hz), making it suitable for weak motion precision recording—arolla is suited for study of local, regional, and teleseismic events; national seismic networks; Earth mode observations; site surveys and more. Both nair and arolla are named after Swiss peaks, and they offer superior quality and top of the line results for advanced users. They represent the apex of GeoSIG’s success to date.

The introduction of arolla marked the launch of a new series of seismometers by GeoSIG, which will be complemented with further exciting products.

Dr. Talhan Biro, GeoSIG sales director, was on hand at #AGU19 to demonstrate and display arolla and nair, as well as a selection of GeoSIG instruments and software. AGU’s Fall Meeting 2019 took place Monday, Dec. 9 to Friday, Dec. 13 at the newly renovated Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. GeoSIG’s booth was #745 near the NASA booth. GeoSIG invited everyone attending to stop by the GeoSIG booth and say hello to Talhan and Maria.

Those interested in finding out more about nair and arolla can read the specifications or speak with one of our Worldwide Partners to discuss a purchase.

Founded in 1992, Swiss manufacturer GeoSIG Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of high quality, precision instruments for vibration and earthquake monitoring. The design and development of all GeoSIG systems are centred on obtaining the highest possible levels of performance, durability, and reliability—qualities which are inherently associated with the words "Swiss quality'.

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