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Joint GeoSIG / Pizzi Announcement


Joint GeoSIG / Pizzi Announcement

GeoSIG Ltd as a well established Swiss manufacturer of high quality Seismic Instruments with a strong worldwide representation network recognises Pizzi Instruments S.r.l. as a perfect example of an outstanding Exclusive Representative of GeoSIG for many years in Italy. The association over the years has been strengthened as there have been many projects where closer working relationship had to be forged at all levels to achieve the objectives of the projects satisfactorily.

As you are most probably aware there have been some changes in the management of GeoSIG; the new management wishes to renew their commitment to be working at least with the same strength as before but hopefully build a much stronger relationship with Pizzi Instruments as there are prospects for many new opportunities in Italy where Pizzi Instrument’s reputation and strength have achieved exceptional results for both GeoSIG and Pizzi.

Pizzi Instruments as a long established Italian business in the field of geotechnical and geophysical instrumentation looks forward to further support and strengthen GeoSIG’s activities in Italy, in particular with the Dipartimento della Protezione Civilie (DPC) projects which are of National importance and Pizzi will mobilise all resources in hand to achieve the best results for DPC whose commitments to ensure the safety of people and Italy’s National heritage are at the core of their activities.

Johannes Grob                     Serge Rudaz                               Franco Pizzi

Joint Managing Director      Joint Managing Director            Managing Director
GeoSIG Ltd                             GeoSIG Ltd                                 Pizzi Instruments S.r.l.

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