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GeoWatch Issue 52


Table of contents
•  Regards from the AGU 2011!
•  News: Setting Standards with the new GMSplus and AC-73
•  New Product: GMSplus Recorder with Advanced Features
•  New Product: High Dynamic Range Accelerometer AC-73
•  GeoSIG Offices closed for Holidays
Regards from the AGU 2011!
Best Regards from the largest worldwide conference in the geophysical sciences in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California!

This year we are welcoming our guests at booth 1429 with two sensational new products, the GMSplus, a brand new recording instrument, as well as the AC-73, GeoSIG’s latest accelerometer sensor, so do not miss stepping by if you are attending the conference!
News: Setting Standards with the new GMSplus and AC-73

The GeoSIG technical team has been hard at work over the past months to extend the specification of our flagship GMS/NetQuakes Recorder and our Accelerometer range.

These efforts resulted in designing two high specification products which their release is timed to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of GeoSIG which is one of the major manufacturers of Earthquake, Seismic, Structural, Dynamic and Static Monitoring and Measuring Products and Solutions.

GeoSIG is proud to look back at its 20 years of history which has seen continuous innovation and development of many new products and solutions which are operational throughout the world. Our Partners have played a critical role in taking our products and solutions to many different parts of the world and have made it possible for GeoSIG to occupy an envious position in the league table of serious credible contenders in a market where innovation, reliability and resilience have been the defining factors for acceptance in the market place.
New Product: GMSplus Recorder with Advanced Features
The GMSplus is an enhanced version of GeoSIG’s widely used GMS/NetQuakes recorder with the following outstanding features over its predecessor:

•  Intuitive Web Interface
•  Configurable via Smartphones/Tablets
•  ADC per channel
•  Up to 1000 SPS Sampling Rate
•  2.5 ppm or Better Clock Accuracy with TXCO
•  Dual Memory Card Slot: SD and CF Cards up to 128 GB
•  Open Architecture GNU Linux Operating System
•  Support of EXT4 File System
•  Compatibility with Seedlink Protocol and Earthworm
•  Dual Network Support (Wi-Fi and Ethernet can be used simultaneously)
•  Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n supporting both Personal and Enterprise WPA and WPA2 security
•  USB interface for external storage and communication devices
•  Smart NTP Server and Client Function
•  400 MHz Processor Speed
•  100 MB/s Network Speed
•  Higher Start-up and File Operations Speed
•  Portability Accessories for Easy Transportation and Field Use
•  Wall/Surface Mountable UL Compliant Power Supply

Serge Rudaz, GeoSIG’s Managing Director, said “in line with our philosophy of continuous development for innovative products, we will be introducing a number of new products in 2012 to coincide with our 20th anniversary. GeoSIG with its excellent track record for making reliable products and close partnership with our customers has responded to market needs and is proud to uphold its values for customer support and service”.
New Product: High Dynamic Range Accelerometer AC-73
With the addition of AC-73 to the existing family of GeoSIG accelerometers, the available measurement range is now at an optimum level for applications with higher requirements for accuracy and lower noise levels. AC-73 boosts very high specifications as follows:

•  True Electro-mechanical Force Balance Accelerometer
•  High Dynamic Range, 165 dB
•  User Field-selectable Full Scale Range from ±0.5 to ±4 g
•  Bandwidth from DC to 200 Hz
•  Integrated Bubble Level

Serge Rudaz commented: “The addition of AC-73 Accelerometer to the existing range of GeoSIG’s accelerometers will give our customers the ability to use GeoSIG’s solutions in higher end applications with the confidence that the same levels of quality and reliability can be achieved in such demanding applications.”
GeoSIG Offices closed for Holidays
GeoSIG offices will be closed for the Christmas and New Year's Holidays from 23rd December 2011 until 2nd January 2012 inclusively. The entire Team at GeoSIG extend their wishes for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our GeoWatch subscribers!

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Tel.: +41 44 810 21 50 Fax: +41 44 810 23 50 Email:

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