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Availability: 1 month

The main features of GeoSMART can be summarised as follows:
  • Support for any type of sensor such as acceleration, velocity, displacement, tilt, wind, temperature, strain, and many more.
  • User-friendly web-interface for an intuitive experience.
  • 3D representation of any structure with live status.
  • Interactive zoom, rotate, pan, visibility and projection.
  • Multiple structures on live interactive map.
  • Real-time continuous data acquisition and processing.
  • Storage and direct download of all data and graphics.
  • Data export for long-term storage.
  • Sliding window-based continuous frequency analyses: Amplitude, Spectrogram and Response Spectra.
  • Rigid body motions in translations and rotations.
  • Interpolations for non-instrumented areas.
  • Interstory drift ratios and torsion.
  • Exceedance of predefined threshold levels or curves.
  • Plot of archive data and statistical information.
  • Live screen indicators and HTML formatted emails.
  • Individualised notifications to users / user groups.
  • Customisable messages such as action plans.
  • Reports including actual images of plotted graphics.
  • Hardware relays to start or shutdown any process.
  • Advanced user accessible powerful database to fetch and externally manipulate the stored data.

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