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GeoSIG's two most advanced seismic recorders!


GeoSIG's two most advanced seismic recorders are scai and nair, the groundbreaking latest generation from the GMS series with the highest performance, excellent operational flexibility and enhanced connectivity.

Both instruments are highly advanced and versatile to meet the requirements of any seismological application, though nair boasts an impressive 147dB (0.02-20Hz) making it suitable for weak motion precision recording.

Both scai and nair are highly customisable, with user upgradable options such as increasing the number of channels from 3 to 6, alarm with 4 fast solid state independent relays, as well as an internal GNSS module supporting GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. The highly adaptable units can run GeoSIG’s Earthquake Early Warning software, and the user has the option to upgrade to Wi-Fi to ensure easy and convenient data transfer.

At its core, easy self-maintenance, diagnostic tools, self-service and repair are all intended to reduce any potential downtime; the user can replace a faulty module or upgrade with additional modules on site. As standard they come with MIL-style connectors, and are compatible with GeoDAS, GeoSIG's proprietary, multipurpose and versatile software package.

Both wired and wireless network interfaces can be used simultaneously. With their optimized installation, operation and maintenance philosophy, scai and nair offer the real possibility to implement high density arrays with an abundance of features and options.

Highly reduced cost of ownership and user friendly approach in the design make scai and nair the perfect choice for the most advanced user. There have been numerous optimisations within the architecture and the design to enhance the background operation for seamless and fast execution of the processes.

Both scai and nair are compatible with existing GeoSIG sensors and can coexist in the same network as the GMS series of recorders; the simple upgrade path makes the units "future proof." In addition, they offer support for cellular communications and GeoSIG’s digital sensor system.

Other features of scai and nair include:
- Power Over Ethernet (PoE) allowing use of single cable for power and communications
- Wide input range selections from 2.5 V to 40 V as well as current loop
- Advanced sensor testing and calibration functions
- Improved web interface capabilities with live data graphs
- Native increased supply voltage range from 9 to 48 VDC
- User configurable sensor supply voltage 15VDC/24VDC

Please find below the Press Release, the scai Leaflet and the nair Leaflet.


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