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Availability: 1 month

  • Epicenter/Hypocenter location
  • Trace plotting, phase picking and spectral analysis
  • Plotting epicenters
  • Searching in the database
  • Extracting events from the database
  • Inserting events into the database
  • Updating final locations in database
  • Making a bulletin
  • Reports and statistics
  • Waveform file management
  • File conversion and modification
  • Signal processing
  • Calculating b-value
  • Automatic phase picking
  • Fault plane solution
  • Moment tensor inversion
  • Calculation of coda q
  • Merge events near in time
  • Making synthetic seismograms
  • Calculation and plotting of travel times
  • Tomographic inversion
  • Wadati Calculating spectra
  • Seismic risk calculations
  • Magnitude calculation and relations
  • Local Magnitude inversion
  • Explosion filtering
  • Inversion of travel time data
  • Joint hypocenter determination
  • Analysis of volcanic earthquakes
  • Slowness Analysis
  • Surface wave analysis
  • Instrument response
  • Macroseismic database
  • Correlation of waveform signals
  • Detection of event clusters
  • Product Documents:
  • Automatic Seismic Processing with GeoDAS

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